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ATTN: SOLARUS CUSTOMERS *Use of some of these services may result in added charges The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has designated Solarus the “Eligible Telecommunications Carrier” of the Manawa Telephone Co exchange for universal service purposes. The goal of universal service is to provide all citizens access to essential telecommunications services. Eligible services include telephone and internet service. Solarus provides single party residence rates from $30.00 for residential customers. This includes access to: • Emergency services • Operator services • Directory assistance • Telecom Relay services • Other Services Designed to Persons with Disabilities • Toll Blocking • Voice Mail • Caller ID and Name Solarus provides rates starting at $38.29 for business customers. In addition, Solarus provides one copy of its annual Local Directory without charge to its customers. Solarus offers the Lifeline program to qualifying customers. Lifeline makes telephone or internet service more affordable by reducing the basic monthly charge for income-eligible households. This means you may receive a monthly discount for your basic phone or internet charges. You may qualify if you are a low income customer, or receive support under a number of state or federal programs. This program is supported by Interstate Universal Service Fund supported by all long distance carriers and the FCC. The cost of the program is almost wholly paid for by these entities. Please call 920-596-2535 for additional information on these programs.
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