MMC Group Buyers Guide
Posted: 7/5/2018 | 2 views
Take A Walk With Us & GET PAID! The Merrill Foto News is looking for Reliable people to deliver newspapers in the Merrill Foto News area on Wednesdays. MC 13 91 Papers E. First St--E. Third St. Polk St.--Douglas St. MC 20 106 Papers E. Main St.--E. Fifth St. Mill St.--Center Ave (Westside) MC 24 88 Papers River St.--E. Main St.--E. First St. E. Second St.--Park St. Stuyvestant St. & N. Center Ave. MC 25 100 Papers 7th St.--12th St. Lake St--Chestnut St. Kyes St.--Sales St. MC 26 86 Papers First St.--Second St--Third St. Van Ren. St.--Lake St.--Nast St. Kyes St.--Hope St.--Sales St. SIGNING BONUS AFTER THREE MONTHS OF DELIVERIES! For further information please contact: Kurt Haebig, Circulation Manager. 715-503-4762
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